Sunday, January 27, 2008

We made it to Montana safe and sound

We made it here safely (after a VERY bumpy plane ride from Salt Lake...) Montana is fierce (just like the grizzlies in the airport!)

PS We've been here less than 20 minutes, and we've already educated at least one Montana constituent about DC voting rights - Scot our helpful hotel staffer!


DCcolonyman said...

Well, well - look what popped up in my google issues monitor today! Montana, no less - sounds great!.

Just in time for a question I have in light of the upcoming DC primary... Where can I find detailed information about each candidate's positions on DC rights?

I'm especially interested to know if there are any distinctions between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. Former President Clinton had the opportunity to make DC a state--but chose not to do it. That fact pushes me more into the Obama camp unless I hear that Hillary would be more focused than her husband was. Has anyone asked the candidates how far they would go to bring EQUAL rights to the District of Columbia?

* Do they support budgetary, legislative, and judicial autonomy for DC so that DC has its own Attorney General and its own locally appointed judges (not ones appointed by the President, like now)?
* What are their positions on the structural imbalance associated with the federal presence?
* Do they support the current legislation for a House vote only?
* Do they support Delegate Norton's "pre-Republican rule" legislation for equal voting rights in the Senate and House?
* Would they support an Equal Constitutional Rights Amendment for DC?
* Would they support full statehood for the District if that was a possibility under their Administration, or would they take a pass like Bill Clinton did?

Further, are there ANY Republican candidates that support voting rights for DC--even a single vote in the House?

Thanks for your help!!

Mike Panetta said...

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