Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fueled by much coffee...the outreach continues

We started the day with a jolt of caffeine to fuel us through another long (but productive!) day in Missoula. We met with Julie McFarland from the ACLU, U of M Law School chapter. She signed our petition and will share the information with her colleagues at the ACLU.

We also had a lively discussion at the Center for the Rocky Mountain West. Boy, did they have a lot of questions. And, man, does DC Vote rock when it comes to answering them! Questions about constitutionality? About retrocession? About Congress' authority over the District. Bring. It. On.

We followed up with a quick meeting with the Missoula Independent. Sadly, as an alternative weekly, they lack an editorial page. On the plus side, they were into our issue and want us to keep them posted for future coverage in their paper.

AND...Jaline was also TOTALLY able to convince yet another Montana constituent to sign our petition. Mr. Musk Ox didn't let a little thing like a lack of opposable thumbs stop him from supporting DC Voting Rights.


DCcolonyman said...

Love the photos - thanks for the good work getting the word out!

Unknown said...

So musky.