Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting on the road to Butte

Missoula has been amazing! We aren't at all surprised that the people in Montana have been supportive of democracy for District residents. If you want to meet some friendly, energetic people who are loyal and in love with the place they live, come to Montana.

Jaline and Kevin are off to Butte this morning to pick up grandma Stella (Jaline's grandmother-in-law and Butte resident) on their way to a meeting with the Butte Chamber of Commerce. We're not sure when we will have easy access to the Internet again (we think that Aunt Dorothy has good wireless...), so we wanted to post a few of the fun photos we've taken but haven't blogged about yet. The beauty of this place is outstanding!!

Enjoy these pics and make some comments on the numerous posts we've put up - give us some energy and support by letting us know what you think of our trip!

Onward and upward! (Butte is at a much higher elevation than Missoula - and supposedly much colder...)

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Ilir said...

Beautiful pics and even better work! Thanks for taming the local beasts and making new friends. Folks in Big Sky have a big heart. Together, we'll bring a end to taxation without representation in the nation's capital!