Sunday, January 27, 2008

We’re leaving on a jet plane…

Okay, so here’s the start of our attempt at an on-the-road blog. We, Jaline and Kevin, met at the Delta terminal on Sunday at National Airport at the designated time, 3:30 PM, for our trip to Missoula, Montana.

To be honest, we got our boarding passes, had our bags checked, made it through security and were sitting at a table in front of the gate before we really knew what was going on. (And just because it was fast doesn’t mean that we liked the “take off your shoes, most of your cloths and throw away any liquids you have” part of the security check any better…)

So just as we were boarding, we had enough time to ask a stranger to snap a photo commemorating the start of our historic journey.

Fortunately the plane was only half full, so we were able to spread out a little. Our Us Weekly, In Touch, In Style, People, Wired and other must-have-to-read-on-airplane magazines had their own seat! FYI: the first leg of the flight, taking us to Salt Lake City, was five and a half hours long, so there was plenty of time for doing our homework for the trip as well as indulging in reading some gossip. As communications professionals, we need to keep up with current events… (By the way it looks like J. Lo and Marc Anthony are having twins.)

Before it got totally dark, we snapped a cool pic of the sunset and the Ohio River from the window of aisle 43 (okay, we love taking pics with our new camera so just be ready to see a bunch…)

(Here’s another nugget from People magazine: the buzz word is ‘Shoulder Surfing’ – Speaking with one person while looking for someone better to talk to. There’s a lot of that going on at DC functions…)

Some cool dude on the plane saw the DC Vote logo on one of the pages we were looking at in our binders, and said, “God bless you for that.” He said it was really frustrating trying to get people to understand that DC residents don’t have voting representation in Congress. (Don’t we know it!) We told him about our trip and he thanked us and wished us luck. We’ll take all the luck we can get! LOL.

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