Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 3: DC Vote heads bleary-eyed towards Eugene, OR

We all woke up with two words on our mind “road trip!” Ok, perhaps some in our team were thinking “more sleep!” Today we traveled from Portland to Eugene. Our official expert on all things Eugene - Eugene tells us that Eugene means “well-born”. Zooming down I-5 to Eugene, Jaline, Eugene and Nell harmonized to the greatest hits of Prince, En Vogue and others, while Jaline found herself enamored of the newborn lambs frolicking in the pastures next to the freeway.

We have entered into day three, deemed the official “Dump Day” by Eugene Dewitt Kinlow. Say what? That means, according to this particular “Eugene-ism” that we are looking forward to unloading a whole suitcase of DC voting rights stickers, postcards and candy at the University of Oregon.

We were excited to release a volume of information, facts, and figures on the resident leaders and students of Eugene. First stop…The Register Guard newspaper. Next stop...U of O. But first, we take the editor's advice from the Register-Guard and head to Papa's Soul Food for a down-home lunch.

"Editor's" note: thanks to Eugene and Nell for guest-blogging and providing a fresh perspective on the public awareness campaign trail!

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