Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And During the Oregon Blogging Break, a Message about Montana...

With the Oregon Team's blogging activity slowed down because they have so many great meetings set up today to talk with Oregonians (and me aching to be out there in Oregon with my colleagues), here's a little update on activities that are still going on from our amazing trip to the great state of Montana. Yesterday we put out a call to action to our new friends to call Senator Baucus' office and let him know that Montanans support DC voting rights. So many people called in that the phone line was busy even today!

An article by Noelle Straub ran in today's Billings Gazette, Missoulian and Helena IR:

From Montana Netroots blog:

From our good friends at Left in the West blog:

And take a look at #6 on another great Montana blog:

I can't wait to see what kind of grassroots activity we get from the people of the Beaver State!

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