Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snakes on a Plane? Potential Peril for DC Vote Staffers

After a delay on the tarmac – thanks to a “hissing noise in the rear of the aircraft”, we were on our way. The first leg of the Oregon Trail began with some quick studying. Nell tackled the Constitution while I prepared for an onslaught of new Spring fashions. We landed around midnight Eastern Time and had a quick Team Oregon Sushi Hour with Eugene before hittin' the sack for some rest. Look out Oregon, we're comin' to get ya!


KePaKi said...

I hope they got those m#%^$#f!*&g snakes off the plane! In addition to the awesome pocket Constitutions, I also hope you had plenty of trashy magazines to quiet your minds before the many amazing meetings you will have in the Beaver State!

Eli said...

Now I'm having a hard time figgerin' this. Which keeps snakes OFF the plane AND attracts people to DC Voting Rights ... the new spring lines or the US Constitution? Seems like a toss up to me. Good thing the DC Vote team has got both covered!