Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will He or Won't He? The License Plate Debate

DC Vote is happy to see the buzz around President-elect Obama's limo license plates (okay so maybe we helped get the buzz started!). You know the story: President Clinton put the 'Taxation Without Representation' plates on, President Bush took them off.

We know that Obama is a supporter of DC voting rights. He was a sponsor of the Senate version of the DC Voting Rights Act. But, will he send a message to the millions of inaugural parade by cruising down Pennsylvania Avenue with 'Taxation Without Representation' on his bumper on January 20? Let's hope so. It's not the most significant step but it sends a clear message to the more than have a million District residents that he cares about this issue. And perhaps even more importantly, it sends a message to the millions of tourists who may not have even heard that Taxation Without Representation is alive and well in America's capital.

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orson said...

"Taxation Without Representation" on his bumper? Hopefully so. Although it's hardly the biggest move, it makes it apparent to the more than a million District inhabitants that he is concerned about this problem. Furthermore, and maybe more significantly, it makes a statement to the millions of visitors who might not even be aware that TWR is still in effect in the nation's capital.I've never read a blog like this before, but I can see how helpful it is to the readers. Stay current These blogs give their readers information.
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