Saturday, August 23, 2008

DC Vote Taking DC Voting Rights a Mile High

Tomorrow, Eugene and I will be taking DC Voting Rights a mile high (a.k.a traveling to the Democratic National Convention to spread the word about the denial of democracy in our nation's capital to thousands of politically engaged Americans).

We'll be in Denver with more than 70 people who have signed up to volunteer and help us canvass with petitions, pass out bumper stickers, and generally spread the word.

If you'll be in Denver for the DNC, we'd love to see you. Check out our calendar of events to figure out where to meet up.

We'll be posting through the Convention. And we may even have some info on this Abe Lincoln character the Washington Post was talking about...

Also, if you'll be headed to the RNC, let us know and we'll be in touch when we finalize plans for taking DC voting rights Gemini-style to the Twin Cities.

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